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How to Choose Your Wedding Jewellery

Bhavya Jewellers July 02, 2017 3
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Jewelry adds perfect dash of effervescence to the bride. It is an essential part of dulhan's wedding outfit. Every dulhan's dream is to look beautiful and elegant on her wedding day. Jewelry adds sparkle to the whole aura of the bride. Every bride wants her jewellery to be different and stylish.

The first piece of advice is to start planning your jewellery as soon as your wedd [Read More]

Rajasthani Bridal Wedding Jewelry

Bhavya Jewellers May 08, 2017 3
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Rajasthani Brides are actually getting married like a real Maharani as Rajasthan is famous as land of royalties and is world famous for their rich weddings.The wedding jewellery of the Rajasthani bride is a fantastic combination of several jewelry styles.Chiterias, Ghaarias, Meenakar and Sunar are the main communities which are involved in making of the unique Rajasthani Bridal Jewellery.The di [Read More]

Seven Gold Ornaments that represent Indian Culture

Bhavya Jewellers April 15, 2016 3
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During ancient times, Indian women donned gold ornaments immensely. There were different decorative ornaments for different body parts with a different significance for each ornament. In every respect, these gold ornaments projected Indian culture and the Hindu way of life with an inner meaning to it. Women in India still adore wearing gold ornaments, as it not only enhances their beauty but al [Read More]