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How to Choose Your Wedding Jewellery

Bhavya Jewellers July 02, 2017
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Jewelry adds perfect dash of effervescence to the bride. It is an essential part of dulhan's wedding outfit. Every dulhan's dream is to look beautiful and elegant on her wedding day. Jewelry adds sparkle to the whole aura of the bride. Every bride wants her jewellery to be different and stylish.

The first piece of advice is to start planning your jewellery as soon as your wedding date is fixed. Jewellery takes minimum a month or two to make, so if you want to get something manufactured especially for you, you need time in hand. Also, basic tweaking on existing designs will take at least 20-25 days.
A set budget only for jewellery is always handy as one can plan better and you can buy much more in the same amount with carefully planning and a good market.
Always buy from trusted jewellers who are recognized by industry giants like Gemfields.
A certificate is a must. It is the identity of the jewellery and is the most essential thing for consideration in case of re-sale.
Tips to keep in mind:
- With bridal outfit designers getting very experimental, one needs to keep in the mind that the neckline of the outfit should match the necklace silhouette. If you have already bought the necklace, buy the dress accordingly or vice versa.
- Most bridal jewelry to be worn on the day of the wedding is heavy. Invest into jewellery, which can be worn later rather than keeping them in the safe. Either buy two necklaces which can be worn separately or buy one big piece which can be detached later.
- When shopping for earrings, make sure it goes with the hairstyle you are planning to do on Wedding day.
- Multi-wearable jewellery or detachable jewellery offer very good options as they can be detached with very user-friendly mechanisms and can be worn in multiple ways. Wedding necklaces that can turn into beautiful pendants and necklaces for all the other small occasions after your wedding.
- Revamping your mother's jewellery is another classic idea for wedding jewellery. Modifying old classics with a modern touch adds emotional value to your jewellery on the most special day of your life and also creates a unique piece for you